Ultimate external collaboration
Stop relying on e-mail to share sensitive information with collaborators outside your organization. AGORA’s secure extranet platform allows you to share files and collaborate with external users in secure sites that can be created or destroyed in seconds and accessed from anywhere.
Internal and external users
Do you need to work with customers or partners outside your organization? Our cloud-based platform makes it easy to set up a site and collaborate with external users in minutes. Just enter their e-mail address, invite them to your project, and start working together; it’s that simple.
Share and socialize
Our platform combines secure collaborative document management with social networking, productivity, and knowledge sharing tools that allow users to communicate in real time and improve the flow of information exchange.
Enterprise-grade security.
Control permissions at a comprehensively detailed level and manage access to sites and individual files. Our enterprise-grade data management features allow for full version control, file checkout, approval workflow, full-text search, drag-and-drop uploads, e-mail integration, automatic PDF conversion, and more.