Industry Specific Solutions


Many team members and partners are geographically dispersed. Keeping everyone up to date requires providing access to our highly effective app-free online platform, including secure mobile collaboration, that can be accessed anywhere and anytime.


Efficient collaboration between internal departments, global offices, and external partners requires constant exchange of a high volume of information. Ensure file sharing security and peace of mind with AGORA’s highly secure cloud collaboration platform.

Virtual Data Room

Quick, easy and secure
Whether you are beginning with due diligence or closing a deal, it is quick and easy to move your workspace into one of AGORA’s secure data rooms, which are an excellent way of managing time-sensitive information. Administrators can direct and monitor users’ access with exacting permission controls.

Project Management

AGORA has comprehensive task management capabilities and secure data sharing features to equip your team for productivity and success. Tasks can be assigned to, and detailed for, individual users. Our five different features for discussion are accessible and efficient.