Your secure cloud collaboration solution.

AGORA provides complete content lifecycle management within a virtual data room, from knowledge sharing to collaborationg.

AGORA is based on a Trust Room concept. Trust Rooms are collections of resources with files, discussions, events, dashboards, and more.

The out-of-the-box version comes packed with a rich set of features.


Collaboration Room

This is a data room which serves as the dashboard to access all resources a user has access to. It provides a personalized summary of all items; files uploaded, upcoming events, private messages, etc.



AGORA’s advanced file sharing feature provides for complete document lifecycle management. File uploads through AGORA’s drive can be done within seconds and shared immediately with desired access control. This feature also supports tracking of download history, adding approval workflows, comments, annotations, application of an authorization matrix, and ultimate document protection.



Secure communication allows messages to be sent to individuals or groups. Your messages can be managed just like your e-mail: references to other objects can be inserted; files can be attached.



AGORA’s Calendar allows the creation and management of different types of events; the export and import of events; and the consolidation of all a user’s events on one calendar.



Members can contribute to existing topics or start new conversations. This feature support tree-style visualization of discussion and search functionality.