Project Management

Bring your projects together.
Consolidate your project assets for maximum accessibility and organizational clarity in the cloud.
Connect your teams.
Every collaborator can have a profile with contact information, an activity stream, a picture and bio, and a list of specialties and experience. Easily browse colleagues’ and partners’ profiles to put faces to names. You’ll always know where to find the right people for the task at hand.
Files, tasks, events, and more.
AGORA uniquely combines advanced document management with leading-edge social collaboration tools so you can securely share content in wikis, post updates and have discussions in the Forum, manage group workflow in Tasks, and more; all in our unified Collaboration Room.
Group task management.
Keep your teams organized with tasks that can be assigned to individuals or groups and listed with due dates, status, priority, links, comments, and reminders. Project managers can apply filters and group all tasks to see an overview of project activity.
One dashboard.
We know what it’s like to work on multiple projects simultaneously, so we have developed a unified dashboard where users can view tasks assigned to them from all projects and manage them with advanced grouping, sorting, and filtering.
Reduce e-mail overload.
Do you feel like you’ve lost control of your inbox? Move your conversations into an enterprise collaboration platform designed to give you control over what you’re alerted to and when. Localize information so that it can easily be shared and referenced.