Team Collaboration

Files, tasks, events, and more.
AGORA uniquely combines advanced document management with leading-edge social collaboration tools so you can securely share content in wikis, post updates and have discussions in the Forum, manage group workflow in Tasks, and more; all in our unified Collaboration Room.
Internal and external users
Do you need to work with customers or partners outside your organization? Our cloud-based platform makes it easy to set up a site and collaborate with external users in minutes. Just enter their e-mail address, invite them to your project, and start working together; it’s that simple.
The truth is in the cloud.
Give e-mail and network drives a rest. Consolidate your team’s assets into one place and make it accessible to everyone in the cloud. You’ll always know where to go to find the latest information.
Reduce e-mail overload.
Do you feel like you’ve lost control of your inbox? Move your conversations into an enterprise collaboration platform designed to give you control over what you’re alerted to and when. Localize information so that it can easily be shared and referenced.
Collaborate everywhere.
With colleagues working in multiple time zones, having a central space to store and share work is essential to keep teams productive. Our secure cloud collaboration platform allows everyone to stay in sync and work together effectively from anywhere in the world.