Virtual Data Room

Quick and secure.
Set up a site in minutes to exchange sensitive information with colleagues, clients, and partners outside of your network. Our secure file sharing platform allows files to be uploaded in seconds and shared instantly with full access controls and auditing.
Advanced Q&A.
Our advanced Q&A module allows you to securely manage bidder questions and responses with comprehensive permissions, workflow, and alerts to ensure that your transaction is completed as efficiently as possible.
Detailed reports and auditing.
Audit every file and action using criteria such as date, user, organization, or folder. AGORA makes it easy to review the full version history of a file or view who has accessed or shared a particular version. You can even see which users or groups are most active and when they have logged in.
Advanced permissions.
Control file and folder access for users and groups at an exacting level of detail. Documents can be protected with digital rights management, document watermarking, and the ability to disable saving, pruning, and copying.
Made for mobile.
Built from the ground up for full smartphone and tablet compatibility, our touch-friendly design will automatically optimize to the screen width and resolution of your device so that you can painlessly access information at your absolute convenience.
Enterprise-grade security.
We are trusted by some of the world’s leading law firms, financial institutions, and corporations to securely exchange sensitive information on critical time-sensitive transactions.