Trust Rooms

  • Encrypted private rooms to house, edit and transfer your data
  • Share content easily with trusted parties
  • Legally binding digital signatures allow for fully secure business transactions.
  • Email and SMS notifications let your employees stay on top of all updates in your network
  • Granular permission levels ensure only those who need access to the data, can access or work with it.
  • Fully auditable and logged tracking of who has viewed and interacted with your data. View resource history and user activities
  • Allow third parties controlled access to data for smoother, safer collaboration. Users can make secure file requests.

Secure File Sharing

  • AGORA handles and shares all file types, making collaboration easy.
  • In-browser viewer for MS Office, PDF, text documents, images, and audio/video).
  • Annotations, comments, versioning and approvals workflow for better collaboration.
  • Full text search, makes editing a breeze.
  • Download multiple files as ZIP or merged PDF and uncompress them within the platform.
  • AGORA prevents data transfer bottlenecks, for fast uploads.


  • All productivity features are encrypted.
  • Full suite calendar and agenda service.
  • Built-in meeting minutes software so you can track everything that was said.
  • Custom notifications let you deliver contextual information to appropriate parties.
  • Export MS Word reports based on your personalized templates.
  • Assign tasks to users, set deadlines and track workflow progress.

Secure Communications

  • All communications in AGORA are encrypted.
  • Direct chat
  • Group chat
  • Broadcast chat
  • All uploaded files, reference resources
  • Send notifications via email or SMS.
  • Our platform integrates with most virtual meeting services for secure audio and video communications.

Task Management

  • Everything is encrypted.
  • Assign tasks to users and groups on each resource (file, meeting, room, …), set deadline and follow their progress.


The system can be used as voting platform (public and secret modes of voting are supported). This feature is used by government councils, boards of directors, and work groups seeking project consensus.

Community Management

  • Disable/Enable Users.
  • Define custom conditions of platform use.
  • Manage data leaks by settings (max upload size, allowed/denied file types, and denied keywords).
  • Reporting
  • Fully brandable UI customization (easily add logos, colours).
  • Define custom authentication settings.