Our Features

Trust Rooms

  • Encrypted, Private Rooms.
  • Share content
  • Transact business with legally binding digital signatures on documents.
  • Notifications (Email, SMS) in case of updates
  • Set visible from / expire date on single resources
  • Define max lifetime of resources
  • Granular permissions (on the single resources for all members, single groups and/or single users)
  • Permission levels (Previewer, PDF viewer, Viewer, Contributor, Owner, No access)
  • Audit: View resource history and user activities
  • Grant temporary or one-time access to single resources (rooms, files, ...) to external people

Secure File Sharing

  • Share all file types
  • Web Viewer (for Office, PDF, text documents, images, music and video)
  • Write annotations on documents Online
  • Comments
  • Versioning
  • Approvals
  • Notes
  • Full text search
  • Lock files
  • Download multiple files as ZIP or as merged PDF
  • Unzip ZIP structure on the platform


  • Everything is encrypted
  • Meetings management with agenda definition
  • Download event/meeting book (PDF)
  • Take meeting minutes
  • Send custom notifications
  • Export Word reports (based on personalized templates)
  • Calendar view (Monthly / Weekly / Daily / Agenda)

Secure Communications

  • All communications are encrypted
  • Direct chat
  • Group chat
  • Broadcast chat
  • Upload files
  • Reference resources
  • Notifications (Email, SMS)

Secure Video/Audio Conferencing

Our platform integrates the Veeting virtual meeting services (https://www.veeting.com), a WebRTC based solution for secure audio and video communication.

Task Management

  • Everything is encrypted
Assign tasks to users and groups on each resource (file, meeting, room, ...), set deadline and follow their progress.

Secure File Requests

Let your customers or business partners ask for what they are looking for, and track the progress of their requests.
(For example a bank customer asking an account manager for a copy of their latest statements, Alternatively, the account manager  may ask the customer for documents required to proceed with a business transaction.)


Use the system as voting platform (different types of votes in public and secret mode are supported).
Currently the regional council of one important French city uses this function of our platform during their assemblies.

Community management

  • Disable/Enable users
  • Define custom conditions of use
  • Data Leakage Prevention Settings (max upload size, allowed/denied file types, denied keywords)
  • Reporting
  • UI customization
  • Define custom authentication settings
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