Be Confident in your Compliance Efforts

AGORA Compliance Modules act as a safety net to enable compliance and security teams in highly regulated industries to automate their compliance efforts. Automatically categorize, classify and enact compliance policies on all incoming and existing data for your organization.

Innovative Content Scanning

Compliance Modules use a combination of keyword matching, proximity scanning and pattern recognition to provide an accurate assessment of the type of content entering your data environment and determine the level of security needed for each document.

Consistent and Easy Policy Enforcement

Ensure only users with permission can view and edit sensitive documents. Set policies for departments, teams or organizations that determine data security level based on content type.

Strong Reporting Capabilities

View user access to classified documents, visualize your compliance posture in real time and create powerful reports to demonstrate compliance efforts for your organization. Easily export compliance reports to auditors or trusted advisors for review.

Supports Major Data Protection Laws

Compliance Modules are available for most major data compliance standards including GDPR, HIPAA, LGPD and GLBA. Modules for protection and control of general personal, medical and financial information are also available.


Compliance Modules support and can scan all standard file formats, including Microsoft office, PDF, PDF/A, images, text and video files up to a file size of 4GB each with Optical Character Recognition and nested attachments also supported. Trust Rooms and Compliance Modules can be run either through a web-based client or iOS/Android App.

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