Store & share

Your highly confidential documents are safely stored in encrypted data rooms, accessible from everywhere, anytime.

Be in control

Customize access permissions, allow guests and check user's activity

Plan your job

Manage meetings, define the agenda and share relevant documents, invite participants, take minutes and exports reports and protocols

Smart collaboration

Check activities, manage voting and approvals, invite guests and notify your collaborators

Compliance Driven, Ultra-Secure

Protect against data leakage and reputation damage and efficiently manage confidential projects worldwide

AGORA SecureWare


of Directors

AGORA SecureWare



AGORA SecureWare




AGORA SecureWare


Your data is encrypted on transit (with the highest SSL standard) and on rest (the encryption keys are accessible only by the authorized persons)

Multi-factor authentication

To avoid login by unauthorized persons

Granular permissions

Your can define for each resource who can do what with it

History & Activity logs

Every action on the platform is auditable and guarantee for non-repudiation

No need of IT administrators

Security is entirely under control of group work owners, not of IT administrators. Full control by the involved user over their own Security Space

Swiss guarantee

100% Swiss solutions. Your data is stored in highly secure and certified Swiss data center

Enterprise Secure Content Sharing, Collaboration, and Productivity in the Cloud

AGORA helps organizations improve their security and compliance posture. Think of AGORA as an enterprise-wide safety net and repository for highly valuable data and content, where you can securely share files and collaborate on content in encrypted ‘Trust Rooms’.

Simply invite additional internal or external trusted third parties (on-demand), to securely participate in collaboration activities.

Our solutions

AGORA SecureWare


Setup your free test community in minutes, the simple and easy solution.

AGORA SecureWare


Deploy AGORA in-house, with custom features.

AGORA SecureWare


A powerful, white-labeled service for Carriers, MSPs, to offer their customers.

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