Release notes

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Search options, print document, new Indigo theme
Votes, online-edit, Azure AD integration, compare version, structure export, save as PDF and redacted documents.
Digital signatures.
New navigation, new home page, share, list selection / item preview, permissions on users / groups, group image.
Simplified login, recent activities, preferences, room colours, room maximum lifetime, send support request, meeting management, App.
New password strength policies, simplified emergency code generation (with lost credentials key), lost credentials: simplified user login name, password and Trust Room name recovery, refreshed look and feel to email notifications.
AGORA habla español!, improved search, new color schemes, enhanced document reader.
Date formats customization, delete user data, automatically uploads local files to AGORA Trust Rooms.
Meeting management (with agenda points, shared documents, take and export minutes etc.), lock files, notification with more information, file merge.
Task management, “in-place” rename of resources, documents slide show, new power for guests, password protected PDF file, last opened documents.
New main navigation, chat notifications, increased max upload size.