Board Members and Executive Management

Unlock your governance potential with end-to-end board and leadership collaboration that puts security and efficiency at your fingertips.

  • Enable your organization to securely and efficiently collaborate.
  • Prepare proposals and have preliminary discussions about decisions in board committees.
  • Protect confidential information reliably against unauthorised access.
  • Document and log decisions that have potential liability implications.
  • Set up a secure collaboration environment for a task force or crucial project within hours, including external stakeholders.

Financial Services

The banking ecosystem is complex, involving many different stakeholders with varying needs.
Whether it’s communication between the fund operations team and each portfolio company, or confidential data shared between general partners and limited partners, there is a constant need for real-time information based on a trusted environment.

  • Set up a secure and trusted communication environment with clients.
  • Keep secrets secret in your relationship with clients.
  • Family office services based on an easy-to-use secure collaboration application.
  • Discretionary mandates in a reactive and trustworthy manner.

Law Firms

Constant competition and rising cyber threats in the legal industry increase the need for secure access to accurate information in order for leaders to make decisions and meet business goals.
Additionally, their clients are demanding increasing levels of security but traditional ways of sharing files over email, or accessing documents via FTP and VPN all have security flaws.

  • Legal professionals and law firms face regulations that require them to handle confidential data in a secure and compliant way.
  • Enables legal professionals to access dossiers anywhere and collaborate internally and externally while keeping confidential information safe and intellectual property secure.
  • Insecure email attachments and other file transfer methods can be easily replaced with Trust Room links.
  • Accountants, corporate executives, buyers, lawyers and other business professionals are finding that Trust Rooms offer a secure way to collaborate and to conduct business with other professionals and businesses.

Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products

The pharmaceutical and medical products industry is facing major challenges every day.
There is an urgency to innovate and leverage digital potential and other exciting technologies to address patient needs, increase regulation, global competition, disruption and convergence of the market.

  • Keep your research progress results confidential when sharing between experts and management.
  • Ensure collaboration with internal staff and external production manufacturing is secure.
  • Make information accessible anytime, even when managers are traveling.
  • Be sure of compliance with internal security policies, data protection and international public health regulations.

Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and defence companies are going through disruptive changes and overwhelming, competing challenges by considering the dynamically geopolitical

  • Initiate, plan and manage innovative product developments with your closest knowledge carriers without losing control of the intellectual properties.
  • Share and discuss sensitive information in a secure environment with suppliers and partners.
  • Establish and maintain a trusted relationship via a secure digital platform during delivery, deployment phase as well of the whole life-cycle of large projects with your customers and contractors.
  • Discuss and prepare tactical sales plan with your local agency securely without any leakage of confidential information.

Government and Public Services

Whether you are dealing with classified diplomatic dispatches, drafts of governmental resolutions or discussions about strategic alliance partnerships, ministries, government agencies and public authorities receive a great deal of information that is only intended for a restricted group of people. To prevent information leaks as well as personnel and organizational precautions, a highly secure communication and collaboration environment
is indispensable.

  • Maximum control over classified information only accessible by an authorized group.
  • Highly secure encryption of communication and data storage.
  • Easy setup and modification of unlimited multi-tenant user groups.
  • Central document management system for highly secure processing and central storage of classified documents.
  • Efficient deployment of the solution at customer premises.
  • UX available in more than 10 languages.